About the Film Office

Our film office has been assisting the film community for over 30 years. Learn more about our extensive experience and see how we can help you with resources and locations so you can reach your goals.

We support the economic growth of Placer County by promoting the natural, historical, cultural, recreation and human resources of the County and communities within its jurisdiction to the film and related media industries. The film office serves as the liaison between production companies and local businesses, agencies, communities, and residents.

Our office is part of the County’s Economic Development Office under the auspices of the County CEO. The office receives additional support from the North Tahoe Community Alliance, formerly known as the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association. We are recognized as the Regional Filming Partner for Placer County by the California Film Commission and our office is a charter member of the Film Liaisons in California Statewide, a non-profit professional membership organization.

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