Rolling Hills Of the  Beautiful Valley

Reminiscent of the Midwest, Placer’s valley region boasts urban streets and modern architecture surrounded by rich agriculture including miles of fields and orchards, all right outside the Sacramento International Airport.

William Jessup University, located in Rocklin, features modern architecture and sleek lines.

Sprawling across 126 acres, the college campus was designed by Frank Gehry of world-renowned architecture fame and his unique design features bright popping color and sleek metallic construction.

Downtown Roseville features urban streets along with small town architecture that could pass for any town across America.

Along the Valley’s outskirts, several farms feature acres of fields and dirt roads, passing for small Midwest towns.

Lodging in The Placer Valley

The best way to find lodging in the Valley and Foothills is contacting Placer County Tourism & Visit Placer.

Placer County Showcase